Who is @Artistsupporter??

When we set out to raise money for Labor Of Love via Kickstarter.com, we had no idea what kind of response we’d receive. We’ve been overwhelmed with the love and support from all of you. We thank everyone who has pledged thus far and look forward to reciprocating with our rewards!

We did notice however, that there was a very large pledge from someone who goes by @Artistsupporter on twitter. A week later, she upped her pledge even more and sent a direct message to me that said “I have a vested interest in this project being completed so I can gift this album to all of my patients”.

Patients? okay..so now I take a closer look and see that @Artistsupporter is not just a supporter of the arts and a big fan, but also a maternal-fetal medicine specialist…Dr. Sherrie Richey. M.D.

I was so inspired by what she was doing. Not just for our project and other artists, but how her particular line of work was directly connected to the Labor Of Love Project on a whole other level.

I called her this past Friday. We had a lovely conversation.

Dr. Sherrie Richey has been in her field for 20 years. She’s been living in Alaska with her Husband, Mark, who is also an Obstetrician, for about 16 years and has a private practice that specializes in the medical care of high-risk mothers and fetuses called Alaska Perinatology Associates.

In addition to working anywhere between 50-100 hours in a single week, Sherrie and Mark manage to find time for their hobby…being Patrons of The Arts. Both of them are competent musicians themselves (piano, violin, viola, guitar) and come from very musical and artistic families.

Dr. Richey says she is most proud of the gifting of CD’s. Not only is she giving the gift of music, but also helps prevent pirating in her own way. She understands how hard it is to make a living as an artist and wants to contribute to both the artist and fan.

When speaking on her involvement with www.laborofloveproject.com, Dr. Richey says, “I spend a significant portion of my day doing high-resolution and 3D and 4D ultrasound. I get to see on a very personal level how fetuses respond to many different stimuli, including music. I am excited to bring another potential market to this Labor Of Love, sharing the two loves of my life, maternal-fetal medicine and art in a unique and creative way”.

In today’s cynical age, It is such a lovely thing to know that there are people like you and The Richey’s in the world. Your presence in this Labor Of Love Project of ours has raised the overall vibration that much more. We are so proud to be having a cyclical exchange of energy and are looking forward to sharing this Labor Of Love!

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