Scarlett Cherry

Born Caryn Elizabeth Kaplan from Charlotte, North Carolina, Scarlett Cherry has led a multifaceted career performing in shows around the globe. From New York to LA, Europe and Japan, her diverse repertoire includes everything from The Ten Commandments at LA’s Kodak Theater to The Chosen in NYC to Hair The Musical in Europe, which she performed in English, French, Italian and German. When Scarlett moved to LA she immediately landed several guest spots on TV and parts in musical theater shows such as the world premier of Ragtime at the Shubert Theater. Just as rehearsal began for Ragtime, her life took a turn with the death of her Father, who was her touchstone and soulmate. This changed her forever.

Over the next several years Scarlett found herself immersed in the underground world of Los Angeles consisting of some of the hardest rockers and drag stars that Hollywood had to offer. It was there she found her passion for glamour, drama, and a new freedom of expression. It was also during this time that her then nickname,”Scarlett” stuck for good. After one particularly amazing show, her boyfriend and now husband, Lee Cherry threw her a huge party. This party was the beginning of what eventually became The Zodiac Show, which Scarlett serves as Producer, Style Supervisor and Performer.

Labor of Love is the follow up to Scarlett Cherry’s very successful debut EP, Love You Like.

She has come together with her Husband, celebrity photographer and co-creator of The Zodiac Show, Lee Cherry, and Guy Baruch, CEO of Media Temple Studios and co-founder of Open Artists Movement to Executive Produce. She is writing and producing with such artists as Davy Nathan, Ty Taylor, and Alison Porter. They have created a heart-warming, pop style album that will empower today’s modern mothers as well as touch anyone who has a mother…which is everyone.

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