Guy Baruch

From the time he heard his first melody, Guy Baruch has wanted to do one thing in life…make music.

Early in his career, Guy helped form and became the lead singer of the Pop group, EVOLUTION.  Building his first studio and creating his first music company, Selective Sound Studios was responsible for branding, marketing producing and recording the sound and style that landed EVOLUTION with a contract at Universal Studios in Japan.

As executive producer of his own solo project, he reached tremendous success with his debut album, “Within Me” and the follow up Elector/Pop CD “Co-“.  Guy produced and conceptualized three music videos from his debut record with all three videos reaching #1 on the MTV/Logo Network, spending a total of over 40 weeks in the top 10. His success led to a tour in Japan, headlining performances in Europe, the Middle East and all over the United States.  

In 2008, Guy formed Media Temple Productions, a company that focused his ability and passion to provide a service for other artists who are forging their career in the music industry. In January 2009 he combined forces with  partner and marketing powerhouse, Brad Bilanin. Together, they formed Media Temple Studios, a state of the art recording facility in the Hollywood Media District that has already been the home to major recording artists, producers and songwriters. 

Through Media Temple Studios, Guy and Brad have also created The Open Artist Movement, a platform for exposing indie and established artists featuring innovative, progressive Pop. Open Artist Movement has produced many highly successful benefit concerts in the LA area and across the country for non-profit organizations featuring artists such as Jojo, Carmit (Pussy Cat Dolls), Blake Lewis, Fanny Pak (MTV’s America’s Next Dance Crew) Wilson Cruz and many more. Open Artist Movement has raised thousands of dollars for a great cause in the concert series called, “Open Artists with Open Arms”.