The Album

Labor of Love is the follow up to Scarlett Cherry’s very successful debut EP, Love You Like. This album explores the concept of “Motherhood” and will be written and recorded all during the term of Scarlett’s first time pregnancy. This is a very special moment in time to document, as it will never exist again. “The energy during this creative process has been indescribable and the songs are absolutely magical” says Lee Cherry. “The songs will inspire mothers, but will also inspire anyone thinking of becoming a parent in today’s fast-paced world.”

This album is also a love letter to children. As they grow and begin to understand the lyrics to these very special songs, they will feel the love their parents have for them all while maintaining a “radio-friendly” sound. The music will have a familiar, crossover pop style, touching upon styles from acoustic soul, to blues/r&b and can be listened to with a baby/child of any age. This record will have a highly melodic, live music feel based in piano and guitar. This album will have top notch musicians playing on the record, and will surely stand the test of time.  Check out the little village of amazingly talented writers and producers involved in the album.

We are independently producing this amazing record and need a proper budget to do so. Although we need a more than $6,500 for the entire project, this amount will keep us on deadline for production of the record. All of your pledges are much appreciated and we know that this album will be a contributor to positivity in the world and in the home. Thank you in advance for your support!

The entire album will be live instrumentation. Most all of the writing and recording is taking place at Media Temple Studios in the heart of the Hollywood Media District. Stay tuned for video footage of the recording process with some of the industry’s hottest talent.