Album Pre-Sale Offers

We are so thrilled to announce the official due date of the album as April 26th, 2011. We are even more excited to be able to offer you the choice to order the album as a digital download or a physical CD.

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This is the Labor of Love Album mailed to you as an actual CD. Anyone who buys a pre-sale CD before April 24th will have their CD autographed by Scarlett and Lee Cherry! It also includes an immediate download of a very special video message from Scarlett and Riff. The physical CD is a gorgeous 8 panel fold-out digipak, designed by Lee Cherry and Jerome Curchod. A definite collector’s item.

Price: $12.99
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This is the album strictly in digital format. For your immediate delight, you will download a very special thank you message from Scarlett and Riff! On April 26th, you will be emailed a delivery link so that you can download all 12 songs: The Labor of Love.

Price: $10.99
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