Motherhood as Art

One of the blessings in Scarlett’s day-to-day life is being surrounded by incredibly talented artists. The world-renowned body painter, Filippo Ioco, is one of those people.

Check out the video below of a recent body painting session for a shoot.  It is for a photo collection that Filippo has created that uses pregnant women’s bellies as heavenly astral bodies. Scarlett’s belly served as the powerful sun in space.

Filippo also created a beautiful belly cast which he painted in the design of cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are very special to Scarlett. She even has them as a tattoo!

“As an Artist I am able to imagine and understand the gift of creation and sacrifice. As a Man, I cannot possibly imagine or comprehend the sacrifice that a woman goes through when pregnant. I often say that I am married to my career and my paintings are my babies. My passion is my artwork. The day that I discovered my gift I devoted blood, sweat and tears. The metamorphosis from blank canvas to a painting led me into a trance like state of incubation and filled the void I did not know that I had, hence my babies.
Working with Scarllett a fellow artist and a mother to be has been one of the most rewarding and inspiring experiences. This experience has a special place in my heart that I will always cherish.” -Filippo ioco

In anticipation of the baby’s arrival, Filippo has created a 360 degree mural for the nursery- visually bridging from sun to moon, and light to glow-in-the-dark. Scarlett and Filippo came together on the belief that motherhood and art are about creation. At the root of both are creativity. The nursery design was to be something that expressed and inspired creativity. Strong color variations, use of nature, and Filippo’s capture of the awe of youthfulness certainly have done that. He has anticipated the little one’s creative expression by using chalkboard surfacing on the lower part of every wall for the artfulness of little hands in the years to come.