Music and Lyrics by Davy Nathan, Scarlett Cherry, Lee Cherry, Guy Baruch • Grand Piano: Davy Nathan • Cello: Adrienne Woods • Violin: Jason Yang • Produced by Davy Nathan and Lee Cherry • Vocal Direction: Trey Campbell

There are a million ways and endless questions
It seems that these days everyone has the answer

Sometimes I don’t know which way I should turn
What’s the lesson I am meant to learn?

I looked everywhere for what my heart was after
The journey is traveled with tears and with laughter

It all comes out to how I make my choice
Just be still and listen to my voice

Lately I discovered what I’ve known
It shows me just how much I have grown

And I can take my lessons from each day
And trust I have to find my own way

When I’m in doubt and don’t know what to do
I know a place that I can go in to…

Inside is where I find the peace of mind to get me through this life
Inside is where I put my trust in all the wonder I may find

Outside the world it tells me so
The rain may come and the wind may blow

No matter what I face in life
The answer lies inside