The Fierce Mama Makeover Video Contest!


Labor of Love “Fierce Mama” Makeover Promotion

The Labor of Love Fierce Mama Makeover contest is an exciting promotion geared towards moms of all ages, created to inspire and motivate them to be confident, fabulous and fierce. By showing off their singing skills, dance moves, and sharing the unique reasons that make them the parent they are, moms have the chance to be in the official “Fierce Mama” video, as well as win:

Grand Prize:
– A one-on-one meeting and day of pampering with Labor of Love artist and fellow mom, Scarlett Cherry
– A makeover and a personal photo shoot by Lee Cherry

Runner up:
– A Fierce Mama Gift Pack with plush mommy items
– A Labor of Love autographed CD

The best video submissions will be downloaded via Vimeo’s Download feature, and be edited along with Scarlett’s performance to create a high-quality, “Crowd Made” social media music video!

To Enter:

1. “Like” Scarlett Cherry on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

2.If you haven’t already, download the song, Fierce Mama! Get it Now

3. Learn the choreography in the video below, provided by our Fierce Mama to-be, Carmit Bachar.

4. Learn the Lyrics

5. Start with a 10-20 second intro as to why YOU are a “Fierce Mama”

6. Do your very own performance to Scarlett Cherry’s, “Fierce Mama”… And go to town! If lip-syncing and dancing aren’t your thing but you still want a chance to be included in the video, then simply submit a 5 second HD video of you lip syncing the phrase “I’m the fiercest Mama you’ll ever meet!” Remember, still use the music to videotape yourself to!

7. Upload your performance to the Labor of Love Vimeo Page. Submission info is here!

The Deadline

Labor Day, September 5th, 2011  EXTENDED 2 WEEKS TO MONDAY, 9/19!!

Submit Here!


Instructions and Suggestions:

You may enter as many times as you like. You’re encouraged to be as creative as possible with your performance. Although only Mom will “win” the contest, we encourage Dad, the kids, the dog, the neighbors… To all to support Mom and be in the video too, if that’s what mom wants. Also, the choreography is optional. You may create your own moves as well. Our personal suggestion is to do a little of both.

Feel free to get as wild as possible but in case you need it, here’s some creative direction:
– Do a version with and without the choreography.
– Be creative with your outfit.
– Create a “back-up group” for Mom to lip sync the background vocals or to mimic the live instruments. It could be the family or workmates.
– Choose interesting locations/backgrounds. The better it looks, the better it will look! You can even do multiple locations if you like.
– If you are in the stroller phase of mom-hood then have someone video you while you perform to the song and pushing the stroller at the same time.
– Have FUN with it!

The winner will be chosen based on overall creativity, performance and vibe. This isn’t a talent competition. The best vibe will win so keep it fun!

Tips and tricks:

– Shoot it in HD if possible and on a tripod or table if possible. Once again..the better it looks..the better it will look, but once again, the winner will be chosen based on overall vibe. (Hint…iPhone 4’s shoot HD)
– Have someone there on “Playback” if possible- someone to push play on the music for you so you can focus on your performance.
– Wear the fiercest shoes you are comfortable performing in. Even if they aren’t seen, you will feel extra fabulous in them. Consider it shoe therapy!

Although there is only one “prize” winner, we plan on adding many performances to the video, which will be seen by a lot of awesome people!

That’s all. Now, who here is a Fierce Mama???

Submit Here!