Fierce Mama

Motherhood & Hollywood: A Note from Scarlett

“This Album was inspired by the simple fact that there is no one way to live your life. We are all creating our own unique experiences. What really connects is what’s in our hearts and what we contribute to the Universe. Becoming a mom for the first time made me realize what a magical experience this is: I will see life from a whole new perspective. This child will teach us so much, and in return, we shall teach him that life is a bountiful, beautiful place to create your own dreams. To love with an open heart, to see No Walls, and to always be who you are during the process.

On a lighter note: Although things are in a constant state of change, there is no need to trade in your stilettos for Crocs, or to cut your long locks into a bob. You can still be a Fierce Mama, who is absolutely herself, but with superpowers!”

Music and Lyrics by Davy Nathan, Scarlett Cherry, Lee Cherry, Guy Baruch • Piano: Davy Nathan • Bass: Miles Mosley •Drums/Perc: Ameenah Kaplan • Harmonica: Charlie Brumbly • Background Vocals: Trey Campbell • Produced by Davy Nathan and Lee Cherry • Vocal Direction: Trey Campbell

From cocktail dress to a new kind of mess,
From after hours to baby showers
I’m still myself but with superpowers
Cuz I’m the fiercest mama you’ll ever meet

From shopping at Playmates to planning play dates
From fashionably late, to in bed by 8
I’m still fabulous with a little more weight
Cuz I’m the fiercest mama you’ll ever meet

They say it takes a village
But let me tell you this
It takes one fierce mama
To add a little twist
with baby food in my hair
I got style I swear
Cuz I’m the fiercest mama you’ll ever meet

I love my leopard skin
And sparkly clothes I’m in
I got a matching sling
And some serious bling
Cute shoes are a must
When I’m at Babies-R-Us
Perfect manicure
Even baby’s coutured
We’re turning heads as we stroll down the street
Cuz I’m the fiercest mama you’ll ever meet