Album Cover Reveal, Pre-Sale, and Due Date: April 26th!

Hey there Labor Of Lovers!

We are officially announcing the due date of our other baby. Scarlett Cherry’s Labor Of Love Album will officially be born on April 26th. Presales begin this Thursday at! We’re putting the finishing touches on everything and plan on rolling out a bunch of content in these coming weeks leading up to the big day! This is the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift for 2011!

Labor of Love captures the once in a lifetime experience of first time Motherhood. It is told through beautifully arranged, radio friendly songs, driven by the unmistakable voice that is Scarlett Cherry. 

Even living in Hollywood, CA and creating entertainment with the industry’s top talent, Scarlett and her husband Lee found that the new journey of parenthood was unlike anything they had ever accomplished. It was the missing piece that not only connected them to their most important creation, but to everyone else who was part of the oldest story ever told: The love of a parent and child.  They set out to create a soulful, beautiful record that would inspire Mothers and families across the world.  The album was conceived, written and recorded all during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of Scarlett’s pregnancy. 

The couple raised money for the album via the creative fundraising platform, The public support was overwhelming and they raised enough funds to land them in the Kickstarter Hall of Fame. The result is a first rate, organically arranged album, spanning genres of classic pop, rock, and R&B, that has the power to touch and move not only parents, but anyone that has a parent. As Scarlett so plainly sings, “I get it now.”

Whether you’re a first time Mother or Father, or have been a Mother many times over, this album will speak directly to your heart and will become something you treasure for a lifetime.

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  1. Liz
    March 28, 2011

    If someone asked me what album I am most looking forward to hearing and owning it would be yours. The love story between a parent and a child is as old as time but as new as the love you have for your child. Thank you for putting your creative energy into the best love story of every parent’s life.

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