Adam Lambert/Kickstarter print to be auctioned for Red Cross Japan!

Yesterday we were about to take the remaining Adam Lambert/Kickstarter photos to the post office and we get a tweet from a Reward Recipient named Mayumi Ariga ( @AdaMonAmour ). She lives in Japan. She asked if instead of sending her the picture..if we would auction it off and send the money to the Red Cross. So we are going to do exactly that!

The bidding will be via twitter today starting at 3pm PST and go for 29 hours.

The starting bid is the reward price. $550.

Tag #adamleeprint to @scarlett_cherry and @leecherry so we can keep track of bids.

It will show up in the mail, framed and ready for your wall. Signed by Lee and Adam. It’s all packed and ready to go. It just needs your address. It’s the ONLY ONE LEFT!!! So bid high people!!!! Japan needs as much money as possible as soon as possible, and you need this photo on your wall.

The winner will send us the money via Paypal, and we will then immediately donate to the Red Cross and post a screen grab of the transaction on twitter for all to see. Quick and durrty.

Lets get it done people and Labor Of Love it!


***********************************THE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*****************************************************************

OK!!!! It’s 29 hours later and we raised $2000 for Japan! Not bad for some regular folk! The generous, anonymous winner of the bid donated $1000 for the picture and Dr. Sherrie Richey aka @artistsupporter has matched that donation! So much love in the room. Can you feel it? We can!


  1. Mayumi Ariga
    March 18, 2011

    Dear Lee Cherry,
    I thank you from bottom of my heart. I could do something for Japan because you did it.
    Not only Riff, you all Cherry family are angels!!

    And thank all the bedders and the winner, and the all Glamily who cares for Japan.
    @Artistsupporter , you are amazing!

    All you give us Japan power and courage to live.
    I feel the Universe says ‘Everything will be alright’.

    Thank you again.

    PS, I do other auction now. I let my treasures out for more donation.

    I wish Adam bids for the last one (joke).
    It is from Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters. He gives sign to Adam by his kindness because I asked.

  2. Monica (@DuekHarebert)
    November 25, 2011

    I changed my account to @DukeHarebert because I got beard cute funny mustache bunny at LA last OCT :)

    I wish all the love and light in the Universe to you!!

    Monica (MayumiAriga)

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