The Story of How Labor Of Love Was Born

by Scarlett Cherry (aka Mama Cherry)

“I must have the flu”, I told my husband. He responded with, “Maybe I should run and get you a pregnancy test.”
Although I was certain I wasn’t pregnant, I let him run the errand. I had just gotten off the phone with my girl, Carmit, who had just gotten over the stomach flu. She convinced me I was bitten by the bug and I believed.

No sooner did I get off the phone, Lee walks in the door with a pregnancy test in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other. “This is for me to toast our new baby” he said.

I took the test into the bathroom.

The test says you should see results in 5 minutes. For me, the “+” appeared immediately.

I sent Lee BACK to the store to buy 2 more packages of the more expensive test. He bought me the cheap one before and I figured this was no time to be frugal.

3 tests later, I was convinced…we were having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!! We felt blessed, a little in-shock, and excited for this new chapter in our lives.

That night in bed, Lee brought up the idea. “You should make a record! You’re only a first time mother once in your life and we should document this amazing journey.”

We then got into a deep discussion about the kind of music we plan on playing for our child and there was nothing resembling purple dinosaurs on our playlist. We all live together so whatever they listen to, we listen to as well.

As artists, we were in agreement that the music should be appealing to both parents, mother and child… A support record for Mothers, a little bit of lullaby for baby, and something that ultimately appeals to everyone. Great songs are universal and that’s what we set out to do. To write authentic songs that speak from the heart with beautiful melodies and lyrics. We were beyond excited!! and I came up with the perfect album title… ”Labor Of Love.”

Very soon after, we approached our friends Guy Baruch and Brad Bilanin at Media Temple Studios to discuss the concept of this album. They were inspired, ecstatic and on-board. We put our plans into action and Labor Of Love was born!
Within the week, Guy set up a meeting with Davy Nathan, a wonderful writer/producer/pianist. They thought it might be a perfect fit and they were right!

Davy, Lee, Guy and I had a wonderful chemistry and the writing was flowing. We finished a song every time we sat together in the studio. It was magical.

Then we brought in our dear friend and brilliant musician/producer, and fellow Zodiacer, Ty Taylor, to collaborate. Being in the studio with Ty was sheer genius. What a gift to write with family. It was then that our “Little Village” was taking shape, and the beautiful songs kept coming.

Alisan Porter was the next writer/producer to come in. “Ali”, fellow Zodiacer and all -around amazing artist, brought yet another level of fabulousness to the table. We were all completely overwhelmed by the love that was consuming us and the impending joy that was inspiring us.

We were also blessed with a bevy of the most brilliant musicians to ever grace the Earth. This entire process happened in the last 6 months of my pregnancy. The main recording of my vocals took place in a 2 week period in my 8th month of pregnancy. I was singing, writing, laughing, loving and emoting with a belly full of baby..and red velvet cupcakes!

The entire creative process was bliss and filled with a special kind of love that was felt by all. There is no inspiration stronger than that which is fueled by Love.

We finished final touch-up vocals on Jan. 27th. I went into the hospital Jan. 28th, and on Jan29th at 11:15am, Riff Maxwell Cherry was born.

Talk about a Labor Of Love!!!

Meet the Village

Because We Know It Takes One:

Guy Baruch, Ty Taylor, Scarlett Cherry

She has come together with her husband, celebrity photographer and co-creator of The Zodiac Show, Lee Cherry, and Guy Baruch, CEO of Media Temple Productions and co-founder of Open Artist Movement, to executive produce.

The Writers:

This unique concept, combined with Scarlett’s unmistakable world-class vocals, have attracted some of the most talented songwriters and musicians in Los Angeles. Scarlett has co-written these songs with the amazing Alisan Porter (The Canyons, The Zodiac Show), Ely Rise (Macy Gray) Ty Taylor (Rock Star INXS, Vintage Trouble, The Zodiac Show), Davy Nathan (Tony Braxton, Jason Derulo, Christina Aguilera), Ilsey Juber (The Canyons), and Jordan Lawhead (The Canyons).

The Musicians:

Drums and Percussion: Ameenah Kaplan
Bass: Greg Malone, Rick Barrio Dill, Brian Allison
Guitar: Monte Pittman, Jordan Lawhead
Keys: Ely Rise, Davy Nathan
Grand Piano: Davy Nathan
Cello: Adrienne Woods
Violin: Jason Yang
Alto Sax: Geoff “Double G” Gallegos
Trumpet: Brandyn Phillips
Trombone: Lemar Guillary
Harmonica: Charlie Brumbly
Backup Vocals: Ty Taylor, Alisan Porter, Jordan Lawhead, Trey Campbell