Scarlett & Lee

Becoming a Wife- The 4th of July

I met my husband on the 4th of July. We were both at a party and trying desperately to avoid each other as neither one of us were looking for love. However, there was no escaping the chemistry between us! After that night we became inseparable. Six months later we moved in together. On our 12th anniversary, we got married on a cliff in the sky. It was the 4th of July.

My Husband Lee and I live our lives in the moment. We have created a life together out of love, mutual respect and of course, friendship. We may seem eccentric to some, but we are both artists who relish life, our friendships, and our families- both born and made. When we first got news of our pregnancy, my husband was full of inspiration. He had an idea to create an album with me during the course of our pregnancy. Collaborations ensued, and the rest is a Labor of Love!